Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Herods Tel Aviv

The new Herods Tel Aviv, which recently opened in the former Sheraton Moriah Tel Aviv, is a good addition to the Tel Aviv hotel scene (not that it needs any additions right now). The meticulously designed hotel replicates Tel Aviv of the 1900's, complete with cobblestone "streets" and cafes, trees, doorman dressed like British guards, and a pool decorated like an old boat. Reviews on TripAdvisor seem quite good, calling the hotel "amazing" and praising the "very friendly service", shocking for Israel. Rates for this weekend are around $470 USD in a Deluxe Room, which is slightly high. The hotel is marketed as a business hotel. Perhaps Fattal is trying to create a new Herods chain, comprising of this hotel and the three in Eilat. We hope so!

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